Steve Frost

Social Change Consultant 

Hi, I’m Steve. I’m an artist, author and community organizer. 

I’m the Executive Director of The Tasai Foundation, a non-profit arts organization promoting collaborative literacyI’m a Director at The Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH), a more than century old cultural organization; and I’m a member of SPACE, a radical coworking space designed for impact.

I tell you that, because it’s important to know my consulting is situated within an ecosystem of practice. Tasai is where I explore network leadership, VJLH-JH is where I explore organizational leadership, and SPACE is where I explore leadership & design. 

I started consulting because I care about people. I care about their innate, beautiful, creative spirit coming alive wherever they are, whatever they do. 

I care about leadership as a practice, not a title. I care about anyone from any walk of life recapturing their imaginative, creative and adaptive selves in order to lead those they care about through changing and uncertain times. 

We’re all human, we’re all creative, we’re all leaders. 

Every human being has creative capacity.

When people recapture their creative selves, they are more themselves. When people are fully themselves, they’re at their best.
As a business owner, what I learned from Steve ultimately contributed to more personal and business growth than industry-specific workshops, and continues to inspire me to make connections in unexpected ways.
Shirley Shen
Co-founder, Haeccity Studio Architecture
I cannot imagine a better human being than Steve Frost to help you and your organization flourish by coaxing out the creative spark within you, nurturing your truest self, and facilitating a compassionate conversation of heart and mind that includes the critical questions you’ve held deep within you. Steve has done all these things for me and more!
Steve Pavey, PhD
Contemplative & Activist Photographer, Hope In Focus
Steve, the facilitator, with a bright and kind disposition, guided us to what was next on our journey into the unknown. That made it easy for us to open our hearts, to have good conversations and enjoy ourselves fully.
Miran Rin
Artist, entrepreneur
The ideas Steve puts into words are crucial for what is coming in society. He’s a forerunner, and others are going to walk in the paths he’s currently forging.
Meg Mittelstedt

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