Steve Frost

About the artist

Making things happen is intoxicating. We are promised that feeling powerful and satisfying our hunger to be a potent force in the world, are milestones on the path to a happy and successful life. We are promised that if we can just get our daily routine in good shape, eat the right things for breakfast, and learn how to win friends and influence people, our lives will be complete. But even as we exert greater mastery over our own lives and seek to influence the lives of others, we can start to feel that we are missing something – and perhaps even that this focus on controlling everything has led us off the path.

What if the thing that is missing is exactly where you are right now? Not something that has to be sought, but alive within you, sharing every breath with you, waiting for an invitation?

Steve Frost has always viewed the world differently, seeing this missing dimension in our lives. Wanting to better understand how and why his perspective is different, he began a quest to validate this view that has led him to discover its roots in the structure of our brains, to find places of acceptance of it in different cultures, and to see its celebration in the contemplative Wisdom traditions around the world.

Frost symbolizes the two perspectives with pyramids and circles. Pyramid-thinking is about separation, domination and categories. Circle-thinking dissolves these concepts and embraces connection, inclusion, resonance, empathy and intuition. However, naming and describing this type of thinking is not the same as understanding it. It must be experienced. Frost’s work arises from holding space for this way of being, allowing it to express itself. “When we can invite this view, instead of suppressing it because it is different,” says Frost, “there’s something of value there.” By trusting the process, he creates art that speaks to that elusive part of ourselves that seeks validation, a secret message from one inner self to another.

Frost sees circle-thinking as the missing piece for the future of leadership. Already present in our world today is an awakening sense that we want our communities and organizations to be more inclusive and empathetic, and that hierarchies are getting in the way of being human with one another. Leading by example, Frost transforms the experiences of people coming together, creating events that free people from their social and organizational roles so they can experience deep connection.

Ultimately, Frost describes himself as a cartographer of the future. “I can’t give you a map, but I can help you live without one.” Indeed, as the future struggles to emerge from the past, this perspective may be difficult to live without.