Cartographers of The Future

Cartographers of the Future stand at the intersection of art, research and entrepreneurship in order to chart new realms of work, cities and economies for the common good. 

Legacy organizations follow the legacy maps they are familiar with.

The out of date map: Your life as a factory

Legacy organizations and mindsets are based on mechanical metaphors.

Analysis, measurement and control are the  language.

Efficiency is the goal.

Knowledge / power is the currency of the realm.

The factory is shaped like a pyramid.

Power is concentrated with a few at the top.

Power flows down, benefits flow up.

As the pyramid grows, it excludes more and more from the power and benefits at the top.

Cartographers of the future
are charting a new way. 

The new map that’s still being created: Your life as an ecosystem

The new/next mindset is based on biologic metaphors.

 Sense, adapt and respond are the  language.

Resilience is the goal.

Listening / collaboration is the currency of the realm. 

The ecosystem is shaped like a circle.

Power flows out. Benefits flow out.

As the circle expands, it includes more and more in the flow of power and benefits. 

Maybe this is making sense to you. 

Maybe you’re wondering, “Am I a Cartographer of the Future?”

Here’s a couple of ways to explore.  

Cartographers of the Future Handblook

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