What might be revealed by being present to a moment that is, and is gone? Might we develop trust in the quiet impulses that arrive between agency, and letting go? In the spirit of hitsuzendo—way of Zen through brush—this series, created over the duration of the COVID pandemic, is an exploration of these questions.

Without a studio, I turned to my iPad and Procreate. It began as a quick sketch exercise. Five sketches in 20 minutes. I simply created five layers in one document. After drawing the first layer, I turned off that layer so it was no longer visible, and then created the next.

Interestingly, the separate layers began to cohere and make sense together. I have retained this constraint of creating each successive drawing in response to  a moment, and to each other, while the other was invisible.

 Each of the images below are five separate layers, painted independently of each other, presented as one image.

Three works from the series are presented as videos at the bottom of the page. First, each of the five layers independently, then each layer added in succession. 

These videos are meant to assist mindful practice. Bring your attention to how the relationships between marks and colours interact and inform each other. How the invisible, as it is revealed, changes the visible.